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TradersFlow Challenge Types

Review all the models available and select a package that aligns with your trading approach.

1-step Challenge

In this model, your objective is to achieve an ambitious profit goal without a specific time constraint. Upon reaching this target, you will commence trading on the TradersFlow Account with a profit split of 70%. Depending on your performance, the profit split percentage can potentially escalate up to 90%.

Reaching a 30% account growth, even within a minimum duration of 5 trading days, entitles you to enjoy a profit split of up to 90% with the TradersFlow account.

2-step Challenge

The aim within this model is to demonstrate your trading prowess through two phases, each with practical profit objectives. Upon reaching these targets, you'll commence trading on the TradersFlow Account, receiving an 70% profit split, potentially escalating to 90% based on your performance.

Attain your profit objectives within 5 days to expedite progress to the subsequent phase. Furthermore, exceptional performance enables an extension of the profit share up to 90%.