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How Our Affiliate Model Works

Join our Affiliate Program, refer your unique link to your community, and enjoy your commissions from the moment a trader joins TraderFlow program.

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Have a proven track-record at other prop-firms? Share your progress, migrate to TraderFlow and we'll match your existing progress on our platform. It's that simple.

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Why should you partner with TraderFlow?

Why should you partner with TraderFlow?

Trader Flow is offering up to 15% commission for our affiliates which is the industry-highest. Simply register with us in a few minutes and start sharing your affiliate link to earn generously.

Easy & Fast Withdrawals

FundedNext has built the fastest process for you to withdraw your commissions. Submit your withdrawal request from the dashboard and collect your commissions instantly.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your clicks, registrations and conversions in real-time to stay up-to-date with your progress. You can also check your payment and withdrawal history easily in your dashboard.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions for the TraderFlow Affiliate Programs are as follows:

•Affiliate commissions will not be awarded if a customer purchases from his/her own affiliate link.

•Every trader can sign up only once using only one referral link.

•Each unique affiliate link has 90 Days cookie tracking. Any purchase after the 90 Days expire won’t count toward the affiliate’s commission.

•The commission will only be paid for the first purchase made by a trader. Account Top-ups and Account Resets won’t count toward the commission.

•The reward is only paid once the payment is cleared on Trader Flow’s end.

•The affiliates are not to engage in any negative marketing. This means no marketing in which the affiliate would use negative words in order to get attention then promote our services.

•The affiliates are not permitted to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or other keyword based advertising targeting “Trader Flow” or any variations of the brand name as Keywords.

•An affiliate commission will not be awarded if a customer uses the discount code of another affiliate to purchase a new plan.

•Affiliate sales must qualify as a legitimate transaction upon TraderFlow’s review.

•The affiliates must add a disclaimer stating “Trader Flow does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by [your website name / your brand name], an independent marketing affiliate.”

•In no way may you copy our sales page content such as our sales letter, video, or images in an effort to imitate Trader Flow on your own site.

•The commission is based on the tier/level of the Affiliate. Epic Affiliates will receive 10% Commission. Legand will receive 12% Commission and Mytics Affiliates will receive 15% commission on all package purchases.

•The Available Payout Methods for Trader Flow Affiliates are: USDT.

•The commission will be sent to the affiliates with their preferred payment methods.

•Epic, Legand, Mytics affiliates can withdraw the commission once their commission balance reaches $100.

•Withdrawal requests for affiliate commissions must be placed by the affiliate by Emailing TraderFlow through partner@traderflow.com and will only be processed by TraderFlow after all terms and conditions have been met. Payouts are available only upon request and are subject to review and approval by TraderFlow.

•The Enterprise Solution affiliate's eligibility for the incentives will be based on TraderFlow's evaluation of their track record or performance, as determined by mutual discussion.

•Each month, affiliates will have the opportunity to win one gift account based on the total number of successful referrals made within that calendar month. The referral count will be based on the total number of successful referrals made until the last day of the calendar month, and the count for the gift account will reset at the beginning of each calendar month. The gift account is transferable.

•Affiliate commission can be requested for withdrawal on a Monthly basis by Epic, Legand, Mytics affiliates, and anytime by Champion affiliates.

•TraderFlow reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions at any given time, and it is the affiliate's responsibility to review the terms and conditions regularly to remain informed of any changes.

•TraderFlow reserves the right to withhold payments for any affiliate who violates our terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activity.

•Affiliates are strictly prohibited from offering or conducting any form of account management services, or any paid services under the name or on behalf of TraderFlow. Violation of this provision will result in immediate and permanent termination of the affiliate's relationship with TraderFlow.